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"A Wake For Culture" To Be Held In New York
Jan 26, 2008, 8:50


Fe Culture will be staging a three part series entitled “Bruckins A Wake for Culture.”


The event which will kick off with a free Art Reception, February 9, 2008, at 7:00pm that features new works of Courtney Morgan (Jamaica) and Alberto Wilmore (Hispaniola); then “Bruckins A Wake for Culture,” scheduled for Saturday, February 16 & 23.  They all will be held at the Cimarron Café, 156 South 4th Avenue, Mt. Vernon, New York.


“Bruckins A Wake for Culture” is a unique three-part revolving Production throughout 2008.  It matches artistic integrity and regurgitates cultural values, electrifying and joyous at times.  “Bruckins A Wake for Culture” addresses A Fe We Culture’s struggles to survive colonialism.  It is a music, dance, art, theatrical expression.  It asks us to look at ourselves and question a weh we deh.



A Fe We Culture is an organization that promotes social and cultural development.  The objectives of this organization are to develop and promote Caribbean related cultural arts, youth development and leadership. Formed under the auspices of Antoinette Pitcan, A Fe We Culture’s goals are: to enhance and maintain the identify of a people, through the portrayal of its songs, dances, music, and poetry; to provide an art form which is educational, theatrical, and entertaining; and to be the living book from which audiences may experience the history, and the mythology of our culture – fe we culture (the Jamaican/Caribbean culture).

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